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No hunger games premiere 2-night!!!!!

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We got EFFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:glare::glare::glare:



DH calls this morning, I have awakened with an awful awful migraine and I was taking steps to get rid of it b4 tonight.


Apparently, the individual, whose son is an extra in the film, has screwed up the dates...............:glare::glare::glare:


He asked his wife this a.m. what time he needed to tell folks to be at the theatre tonight, and she says to him: you mean next week AND he says no, I mean tonight.


And she says: No, it's next Friday night!


So, dh calls home to tell me and the kids (who we told last night) that it's next Friday night.


I am in absolutely blinding pain and nauseous, but I manage to purchase 4 tickets for the 12:10am Friday March 23 showing of Hunger Games in IMAX.


My kids r happy.

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I have to take six eighth-graders to our local midnight showing. They all have to be at school the next morning at 8:15. This should be fun!



WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....they can sleep from 4 till 7 :confused:. I intend to be dead on my feet on friday, but with kids, who knows?:001_huh:

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