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Help me remember...like the awana bible program

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Ok, I need help from the hive to help me with my memory loss. I am trying to remember the name of a Bible memory program like Awana but more intensive. They meet at churches. I am totally drawing a blank. I think they memorize chapters of the Bible. Help!

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I have no idea but I'm taking some stabs...


Keepers of the Faith (clubs usually started by homeschoolers that memorize verses as well as earn badges for learning Life Skills)


CBS (maybe you heard of a CBS Bible study and maybe the people running the kids portion of it were having the kids memorize verses??)


Pioneer Clubs


Three Thirty Clubs


I would just google if none of these are the ones.

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Is it one that has a somewhat military theme - like barracks duty? They memorize a verse, do community service, chores around the house. I can't think of the name.


ETA: Frontline Club

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Ok, I think Sally Clarkson had one of her children use this blible memory club. AHHH it is bothering me....


Pretty sure it's Bible Drill then. I think I've seen it mentioned that her child did this.

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I'm reading a Sally Clarkson book but haven't heard mention yet.. BUT.. if you want an inexpensive way to help your kids memorize verses you can't get cheaper then The Memory Box. We've been using it for a year or more now and the amount my kids have learned is amazing! :D

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