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Please Vote for Homeschooled Choreographer!!!

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My dd's ballet school is holding a Young Choreographers' Competition. A classmate and good friend of her's has choreographed a beautiful piece which is in the competition. The pieces have been judged by people in the professional ballet world in Australia, Houston, San Francisco and Maryland. Their judging makes up 80% of the score, but 20% is on viral voting on Facebook. There are three pieces in competition. If you would go here http://www.facebook.com/events/251606118261909/ and view the piece/pieces and "like" the one by Mary Clare (of course only if you actually like it :001_smile:)


The winner gets a prize of $500 (I think) and full tuition to the studio's summer program. I know Mary Clare and her family would greatly appreciate it. She is a senior. She is not actually dancing in the piece, but my dd and two of her classmates are. (My dd is the one with the bun)


Thanks so much! I do think the piece is beautiful and really deserves to win, but of course I'm not unbiased!



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