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Reviews for a book please?

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I own it.


My opinion? Eh.


First, I know that there are threads of Christianity (EO and RC) who argue against his (their? I can't remember if it has one or two authors) interpretation of what worship was like in the early church. I haven't taken the time to read their POV to see which one I think is supported best.


Second, I am just rebellious enough that I don't really care if certain aspects have pagan roots. :-P I like church music, dang it! I do think that there can be other ways to fellowship than attending a liturgical church, but I don't buy the argument that liturgy is wrong.

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I followed Viola's writings years ago, and I thought that it was the best book ever. I had all of his books in doubles and triples. I house churched, all of it, but I still was unfulfilled, and strangely enough, started looking into EO (because the ladies on this board made so much darned sense) which then brought me back to the Didache and the early church fathers (Read up on Justin Martyr's letters) which just about turned everything I thought or believed about the early church on its head. So much so that I'm being received into the RCC this Easter Vigil, so there's my disclaimer. :001_smile: How's that for a run on sentence? :D


What I think about it now? Like many writers, his arguments are shallow because he's arguing against misconceptions of the RCC, and OE and the ancient church (of which RCC and EO are). BUT, his arguments are not for the RCC and EO alone, and to that I can't speak.


I agree with Melinda, in the midst of my reductionist house churching, I always imagined my self prostrate in front of the altar of a liturgical church. I saw deep beauty there, walls soaked in prayer, visual theology in the stained glass and though I held all of it up as 'religious' and therefore man made, I still longed for it. Now I see it as beauty that will save the world (Dostoevsky said that).

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