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Interview Monday

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I have an interview Monday afternoon for a new daycare child. *fingers crossed* this one works out. The 3 yr old I got fulltime only came for 1 month and then his mom quit her new job and stopped bringing him without warning, so that messed up my budget big time and left me $500 short without warning. This little one Monday is for a 4 yr old girl (perfect for my dd4) she will start casual and work to fulltime by the summer/fall. Even parttime it is more $$ coming in.


I also heard from an old coworker, I used to watch her kids occasional evenings and weekends, but then her dh lost his job last year so he was home with the kids. Well apparently he just got a brand new job after 11 months unemployed, which is great for them and means I will start getting her kids 1-2 weekends a month which adds some more $$ to my income. Again only casual so I can't budget it ahead of time, but it is still $$ coming in.

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I hope it works out! I teach piano lessons and just hate it when people bail with no notice. I wonder sometimes how they would feel if they went to pick up their paycheck at work and discovered that they had gotten a $500 a month pay cut with no warning.


I actually have implemented a 30-days notice requirement for discontinuing and have found that most people are willing to honor it.

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