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He got the job!!

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My DH had two interviews a couple weeks ago, and he got both jobs! We just found out about the second one today! Balancing two jobs is going to be difficult for him/us, but "hopefully" it will only last three months. One job is a temporary position through July 4th, and then he would get transferred to a different position. The other one pays better, but doesn't offer benefits... which is our rationale for him getting two jobs.


Meanwhile, I've been home for two months since I quit my job and I am going absolutely crazy. I MISS ADULT CONVERSATION!!! :willy_nilly:

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Wonderful, that's great news!


I was a primary school teacher before homeschooling, so adult conversation has never been a big part of my day, but sometimes I'd just like to spend some time with people who are actually sympathetic if I'm feeling lonely or blue or have a headache!

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