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What should I know about standardized testing? (xpost K-8)

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We've never done it before. Dd is 9, so age-wise, she would be in 4th, which would mean I should order the 5th grade test. But, most of her work is at a late 3rd/early 4th grade level, so is it okay if I order the 4th grade test? I'm looking at the CAT since no degree is required to administer it. Has anyone used the online version at Christian Liberty?




Any advice for my dd, who has never taken a standardized test before? Anything we should do to prepare?

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I am preparing my son for his first standarized test. I bought a test prep book at the local store...solely to get him in the swing of using a test booklet and marking his answers on an answer sheet. We're doing the IOWA test.


I don't know anything about the CAT. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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I'd recommend going through a spectrum test prep book to get familiar with the format. Plus, I'd have a discussion about test taking skills:


* Read all the answers and pick the best one.

* Sometimes a question looks like it has two answers. If you're not certain, just pick one of the two.

* For reading comprehension, only use the information in the passage. Assume you know nothing else about the subject. (This is a huge problem for my ds. Inevitably, he brings up the numerous books he's read to support his answer and I have to emphasize: the graders don't care. All they want to know is you can read and repeat what the passage says.)

* If you don't know the answer, skip it and move onto another (not sure if this works online). Come back to it if you have time.

* If you have extra time, go back and check all your answers.


My son took the paper CAT and he was fine. He was more excited about getting the day off from schoolwork.

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