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If you are in the Cincinnati area

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and would be willing to answer some questions for me, can you please pm me or respond to this post and I will pm you.


We are hoping to be moving to Landen, OH in mid-April to May and I need some help getting involved with the hs community in the area. (Actually I have a ton of questions, but I will try to take it easy :001_smile:)


* I posted a couple months ago that we were looking for a house in the Landen, OH area and several of you offered your help but now I can't find that thread or remember your names.


Thank you! I look forward to making some friends!

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I'm in Cincinnati, relatively close to Landen. PM me or email me at:


cin131 at cinci dot rr dot com


There are lots of coops and several homeschool groups in our area. Some require a church affiliation and some don't.

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The rest of us are still in Pennsylvania, but my husband started working near Landen this week. We will probably be spending a few afternoons a week up there and the rest of our time down near Sardinia. It sounds like there are a lot of people in the general area!

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