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I am Reporting an Alien Abduction

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OK, I have 2 little boys ages 8 and 8 (they aren't twins, the older one is almost 9) and usually when I step out of the room for 10 seconds to blow my nose during school all heck breaks loose. Well... this morning they were working on grammar and spelling and this is what I did....

1) went to my room to check the sleeping baby

2) made my bed

3)sorted out a load of laundry

4) put laundry in washer

5) cleaned up soap mess on laundry room floor

6) watered plants


and..... drumroll please...... they are still working.

So, I'd like to know, how did I miss the spaceship and subsequent body exchange?

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Haha. Just think of the aliens when they realize the havoc they will cause on their ship. Hope it's a short trip back to their planet!


You have two 8 yo boys at your house? :svengo: I can't even imagine. It's taking three of us ladies to manage just ONE 9 yo boy. :lol: Some days he gets the best of us and we just laugh.

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