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Fixing coat hanger "marks"

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I have a little rayon dress that I haven't worn in ages, but will be wearing this weekend. The shoulders have little "hills" for lack of a better word that are sticking out at the shoulders where the coat hanger was. It is a dry clean only dress and I don't have time to get it dry cleaned.


Any ideas for fixing these so they don't stick out?


I do have one of those dryer dry cleaning bag things I think. That work?

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I don't know if it will help you in time to wear it this weekend, but maybe turn it inside out and leave it hanging until you need it will help.


Everything we own that is prone to 'hanger shoulders' gets hung inside out so there are 'dips' instead of 'hills'. I learned to do that from either a Dear Abby or Hints from Heloise column as 'dips' aren't as noticeable as 'hills'.


I can't help you on the dryer bag thing... I don't know what that is.

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