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Anyone on here use LiPS? How long did...

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it take you to go through it? I have started with my dd, and it is going well. I am really "seeing" where her breadown has been. We are still on the VC and CV words. Mind you, she is a first grader and reads at grade level, but never attempts to sound out words, just tries to memorize every word. That is one of the reasons we got LiPS.


I am just curious about who used it and how it worked for you and all.




(I posted this also in the K-8 forum, because I know some of you have said you don't go there :)

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I started in May (of '10) when my dtr was 8 and worked to chapter 14 Dec (of'10). By then she was 9. We stopped and concentrated on VT and worked on I See SAM Readers for fluency.


We worked 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes depending on her attention span (sometimes less). Very worthwhile, still use the knowledge we have gained from this program to help with her O-G program (Recipe for Reading) and general decoding and articulation issues.

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My son started private speech therapy 2x/week for 1 hour, last June. He is about to exit, and his school speech teacher is talking about him possibly exiting next year. Now he is mostly talking well and he is better about talking too fast.


In June he started the therapy I think is like Lips (but not actually Lips) with articulation below the 10th percentile and an age equivalent of 2 years 11 months. He failed the Dibels screening and didn't automatically know the letters and letter sounds. He knew them but had to think about them, and link them to the animal from Zoo Phonics to say the sound (and still might miss some).


So I would say a year.


But just compared with my son, it seems like your daughter might go faster, if they were the same, except she can already say the words correctly. But they are probably not the same, lol.

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I've done portions LiPS with my children.


My ds (who was 8 and severely struggling with reading at the time ) couldn't pass the Barton 1 screen and was referred to LiPS. He's the reason I got the program. We did it about half hour every day for around three-four months, just up the point where we were told he needed to be before starting Barton.


I used LiPS again with my dd last year. She showed (and still shows) some of the early warning signs for dyslexia that her brother had shown, but not to the same extent--and this time I knew what I was hearing/seeing and what to do about it! Right after she turned five, we started LiPS together as part of her pre-school/kindergarten work. We did it in a relaxed way, a couple times a week for the rest of the school year. I reviewed some of the material again with her at the start of this school year, then we moved onto Barton.


We also used LiPS for some help with speech. Two of my dd learned to produce speech sounds that they had difficulty saying through what I learned from LiPS. Their speech was considered "within normal limits for their ages", but they had some struggles with a couple sounds. LiPS also helped my ds's speech because his vowel confusion made him difficult to understand, although two different speech therapists had told me he didn't qualify for speech therapy. (All three have been evaluated by speech therapists.)


There's overlap between the later part of LiPS and the early levels of Barton. If I had to take a guess, I'd guess that it probably would have taken my ds well over a year, maybe even closer to two years or more, to complete LiPS. My 6 yo dd recently started covering CVCC and CCVC in Barton, and she worked on LiPS (lightly) for close to a year before switching. That would be about a year and a half, (starting just after she turned five), to get her to the point of sounding out CVCC and CCVC words.

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