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Dear SWB & Moderators, On behalf of homeschooling dads, I petition thee that

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the following designations be adopted since some may be feeling gender discriminated against having arrived at the designation of EMPRESS BEE!


1-1000 posts - Drone Bee (seems fitting :D)


1001 - 2500 posts - Squire Bee


2501 - 4000 posts - Knighted Bee


4001 - 6000 posts - Kaiser Bee


6001 - Killer Bee, after all, if he makes it that long, he's one tenacious Bee! :lol:


Possibly, we could allow them to adopt armor painted with yellow and black tartan, the plaid of choice for all discriminating hive members, so they don't feel so self-conscience in kilts!



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I guess anything is better than being pushed out of the hive when winter comes.


Technically not a homeschooling dad, but I thought being a Queen Bee was too much fun!


Empress Bee? Not so much.


Although I do enjoy seeing that PRQ is an Empress Bee :D


Bill (who hopes the moderators have a sense of humor)



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I always thought it cool that the hive men were secure enough in their masculinity to handle the designation of queen and/or empress bee. :D



I think it's the combo of Empress Bee and Kilts that is the real ego killer!



PQR wants armor and that doesn't seem like something an Empress Bee would wear. :biggrinjester:



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