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What's your favorite item at Trader Joe's?

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Whole wheat pasta

brown rice

cereals with lower sugar than the typical store brands, and lower prices

frozen berry mixes, to go with yogurt

vegan cream cheese

soy yogurt

whole wheat tortillas

whole wheat english muffins

fresh pesto (in season)

tofutti cuties

frozen shrimp

frozen artichoke hearts

vegan chocolate

multi-grain pita chips


broth and soups

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Meyer Lemon Thin Cookies

Corn and Chile and Tomato-less Salsa


They also have a cous-cous, quinoa, baby garbanzo bean dried mix that is really good. I forget the exact name.


:iagree: The cous-cous mix is especially good with some of their frozen, pre-cooked shrimp stirred in and topped with parmesean.


Also flax-seed tortillia chips.


And usually some seassonal item that they are no longer carrying! :D

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have fun!


its where we shop for most things, so we have a ton of favorites.


they have great wines at great prices...

you could check out some of the wines in this blog:



their sparkling cranberry juice is a household staple.


their scratch pads for cats rock.


their peanut butter, and various other butters (almond, pumpkin, etc) are amazing.


their organic orange juice is amazing, esp. if you do 2/3 oj and 1/3 organic carrot juice.


in the frozen foods aisle:

- veggie corn dogs,

- teriyaki chicken

- orange chicken (prepared on the stove top, not in the oven)

- chicken alfredo

- turkey meatballs

- cocktail meatballs

- just about any of the pizzas


in the dairy case:

- light whipped cream cheese

- light grated mexican blend

- raclette cheese

- any of their crumbled cheeses

- brie

- fondue cheese package


in their produce case:

pretty much everything, but especially

- portobello mushrooms

- potato medley

- grape medley

- heirloom tomatoes

- organic anything

- pomegranite seeds


- salsas

- tzatziki

-spinach dip



and then there are the chocolates, and the cookies...


have fun!


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The syrup

Corn salsa

spicy black bean dip

taquitos (theirs don't have dairy in them)

chocolate chips that aren't made with dairy and they are much cheaper than the enjoy life brand

frozen fruit for smoothies

I like the trail mix with berries and nuts

herb salad mix, it is just baby lettuces with parsley, dill and cilantro. I don't usually buy bagged salad because I am cheap but I love that one

the jarred curries, there are some without dairy

frozen nan

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We love:

tomato soup

Joe's O's

almond milk


granola bars


citrus shower gel

tea tree oil

tea tree facial wash


I always spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY at TJ's! I didn't believe all the hype, but now I am a total convert and have to limit my trips, or they will foreclose on my house :lol:.

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I almost forgot the peanut butter! I don't like it, but DH practically lives on it.


I don't like their produce. It's not as good/fresh as Whole Foods.


They also have a really nice cheap flower selection. For a treat that won't go straight to my hips!

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My favorite? cheese and green chili tamale in the frozen section. they are still wrapped in the corn husks and have very little cheese.


Kids LOVE the frozen orange chicken


Organic vodka sauce

Organic frozen veggies

Just cranberry, or blurberry or cherry juices - unsweetened and pure!

Frozen organic oj - best frozen oj I ever had

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The dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt bars... OMG!


Their hummus is great.


In the frozen section... the pizza with ham & gruyere is a staple in our house. I think it is called "tarte d'alsace" it has a green edged box.


I buy stapes there, oil, nuts, rice, flour, their jams are good, frozen veggies and fruit etc.

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have fun!


its where we shop for most things, so we have a ton of favorites.


they have great wines at great prices...

you could check out some of the wines in this blog:





I really like their wines too. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has different liquor laws than most states. No wine at the stores here. I've asked my mother to drive an hour to the store in Atlanta, then picked up a case when we were visiting her before. (In my defense, she was already going to the store in Atlanta.) It looks like there will be a store between our new house and my husband's job in Ohio. I'm happy about that.


It's too bad that I've never seen frozen gumbo at Trader Joe's. Aldis carries it a couple times a year, and I really love being able to have some gumbo on the spur of the moment. It's not as good as what I ate when I lived in Memphis, but it sure fixes that craving for me!

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I find their prices to be expensive but it's really all about what you are comparing them too. I buy very very little processed/packaged food and TJ has mostly what "I" consider convenience food so obviously it will cost more.


For instance, I don't buy crackers, I grind the grain, mix them up and bake them myself, so $2-3 a box is really expensive for me.


So for me a trip to TJ's is a total splurge. Most of my favorite things are things that have been phased out. I don't buy chips of any kind but they used to have parsnips chips and a bag or two of those would find their way in my cart every single of time. I was ecstatic the year they sold frozen black raspberries, my favorite version of eggplant parmesan is gone (and the newer ones just aren't the same).


That said I still go their occasionally. I always buy their flouride free toothpaste. I get the anti-plague version. While I greatly dislike the flavor, it does an amazing job of getting/keeping my teeth clean. I've had no plague build-up in the 3 years I've been using it (not at all normal for me).



We love the end and bits of fruit strips they sell but it's very hit or miss if they have it in stock.


Other things we like

garlic naan

sea salt

chile relleno

frozen brussel sprouts when I can find them (about 75 cents a bag cheaper than our grocery store)



Honestly we've like most everything we've tried from there, however as I said above I find stuff pretty expensive so we try to really limit our trips there. Toothpaste is the only thing that will cause me to make a special trip there.

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