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My stars! I'm starting to wonder if we are meant for VT...

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So after my fabulous phone convo with the therapist at the VT clinic, and scheduling (and waiting for) the appt.......it has been a 2 day downhill spiral. Yesterday, I called our insurance to make SURE that we didn't need a separate card for vision dental. It's new, same company I had through my work but a different branch/state as it's through DH's work. With my old insurance vision/dr/rx was one card and dental was another. Anyway, come to find out our insurance was ALL messed up. Let's see - DS8, the one who is in such need of the VT eval, wasn't even ON our policy. AT. ALL. We only get one card, with only the name of the person carrying the policy on it. That was the same as my old insurance, except with mine I also got a handbook and statement of benefits listing all the people on the policy. Not so with DH's. Of course, I burst into tears upon finding that tidbit out. I'm sure the poor CS girl wished she had called in sick for the day. She backtracked for me and found that he wasn't even turned in with our paperwork. Now I was bawling and livid. Somehow, I had the wits to ask her to double check everyone else. Well, the other kids were fine, but MY information was a wreck. She had me born a year late, my ssn was literally 123-45-6789.....seriously?? Then she dropped another bomb. The woman who works for DH's HR company had also not turned in my old insurance...so the adults on the policy, DH and I, weren't considered fully covered until 2013!! I had to conference call my old insurance with the new to prove that I had it, so they could start an appeal to waive the pre-existing fee for me and DH (thank goodness they don't do pre-existing for kids so if it couldn't have been waived at least the kids would have been okay....well, the ones ON the policy :glare:) I literally spent HOURS on the phone with the HR rep, the new insurance, the old insurance...finally, though, we did get him added (I was prepared to make a 9 hour drive and get in the face of the HR rep who messed this up, had we not got it straightened out.)


So, I go to bed thinking "Thank Heavens, that is worked out. Now we can go to our eval tomorrow." At 7:15 this morning the phone rings. It is the dr's office. Two of her kids have flu and she is cancelling. Okay, I know it makes me a <bad word> but I wanted to scream "WHY ME?!!?" Once I got over my disappointment, and had a cup of tea, I told myself that the poor dr had two SICK kids, and one more that might fall ill, not to mention herself. Then I had a panic attack, they had rescheduled the kids for tomorrow. Thanks, I don't want to be ugly but I don't want traveling flu germs. Sigh. So I called back and pushed it back until next Wednesday.


I'm starting to wonder if this is supposed to be telling me something LOL :001_huh: The only GOOD news out of the whole ordeal was that the insurance confirmed that IF the diagnosis is for a medical issue we won't pay one red cent out of pocket. No copay, no deductible, no out of pocket, and NO limit to the benefits so no cap on therapy. I am clinging to that info like a life preserver, it's all that's keeping me going. How sad is that?


On top of that, DH was no help. I called him in tears after I got off the phone with the insurance the first time, and he told me he "shot an email" to the home office. I was like "WTHeck?" So I had to call his home office, get the phone number for the outsourced HR department, make that call....and has the NERVE to send me a text last night asking if it was all cleared up and "How come we always have to deal with stuff like this?" WE?!? Was he in my back pocket as I dealt with it all, plus kids, and totally abandoned school? All I can tell him is, it's a good thing you are 9 hours away, babe. He would have been very sorry had he been in arms reach. And, yes, I totally see the irony in my feelings over the cancelled dr's appt and his text last night..... but I still want to smack him :lol:

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Well no woman gives up on her kids just because some beauracrat screws things up. You'll get through it. The world will not end if it takes a week or two or three or even four to sort this stuff out. Go eat some chocolate and take a bubble bath. Soon it will be just a memory.

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