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Writing for 3rd Grade boy - late starter


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Ok so my 8yo does cursive from HWOT cursive book. He also reads on his own a TON.


I have Writing Strands 2 and he was not ready for the writing/formulating ideas yet this year. I think he will be ready for it next year but do I do copy work in addition to this? continue with cursive lessons?


Do I need to add WS2 at all? He is more verbally inclined rather than math it seems...



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Writing Strands works for some children. It was not at all a good fit for mine. You can see in my sig what has been working better for us.


I'd perhaps particularly suggest IEW (TWSS + SWI-A are quite appropriate to start at grade 3) and perhaps also WWE for someone not ready to formulate writing on his own. They allow practice with writing without needing to formulate much on one's own.


He can already write and read cursive? If so, then I personally would say you do not have to continue specific work on it.

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