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What's in the Apologia Notebooking Journal?


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Planning for next year. Think we're going to do Zoology 1. This year we are doing Astronomy and are not using the journal. It's going fine, but next year I'd like to start transitioning to ds working more independently. What I'd like to know is whether the journal is just a prettier version of the free pages, or is there more to it? What I'm looking for is extra activities/exercises that he can do on his own to learn the concepts. The preview pages look like maybe it's just the "What do You Remember" section typed out into a worksheet, and then the same pages as the free ones only they look nicer. Is that it? Or are there extra worksheet-type pages?

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I wasn't sure if you meant the Junior Notebooking Journal or the Notebooking Journal. We have used the Notebooking Journal for Zoology 1 and it is definitely much more than the free pages. Have you seen these samples:


Here's the junior:




Here's the regular notebooking journal:




Here's a post from our blog on Apologia Zoology 1. We ended up leaving the section on insects since it got too cold for insects :tongue_smilie: and will be coming back to it.




We are currently using Houghton Mifflin Science 3 and wow... what an amazing program! I have so many things I want to use so what I want to do for the next couple of years is use the Let's Read and Find Out level 2 series and combine the Apologia books and Houghton Mifflin as added resources. This means that I will not be bothering with the notebooks anymore. So, what I would say, if this helps you at all is, that it really depends on how you intend to use Apologia. If you will be using it for the year, the notebook will be a good addition since it will give you added activities and book recs etc. It also includes colorful booklets to make like lapbook booklets. If however you intend to also use other resources then the notebook may become a bit much and not end up getting used much, which given the price may not be worth your while.


Hope I didn't confuse you more with my post :lol:! In any case, it at least gives your thread a bump ;).

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We are using the notebooking journal with Apologia Human Body. In the beginning of the journal it has a two day a week schedule to work through the curriculum. It is actually nice because it breaks down the readings and which pages to do in the journal.


For each chapter the journal has:

crossword puzzle of vocabulary from chapter

copy work page in cursive and then in plain

page of a few written lesson review questions

page of extra hands-on activities and resources (videos or books that correlate)

two blank pages for fascinating facts with writing and drawing space

page to document what you did and learned in any experiment

this book has a personal person project for each chapter where you cut out each body system and attach them to a person you create with a picture of yourself and a mini lapbbok for each system to attach in the chapter


Using the journal is a nice edition to check reinforcement, but some of it we could do with out. My ds likes the crossword puzzle and extra projects, but we could do without the copy work and all the blank fill in drawing pages.

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