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DId you move from R&S English to Analytical Grammar?


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I have been using R&S English for 5 years for my son (we are is English 6 right now), on 2nd year for my daughter. I am considering moving to Analytical Grammar, hoping it will be shorter and more to the point. I am not unhappy with RS, but not sure we want to keep doing grammar every day forever.

If you switched, would you let me know how it has gone? Do you regret it? Or are you happy to have grammar seasons and know there is a beginning and an end to grammar?

My son will be using IEW again next year, for writing, at our co-op.

I want him to have a very solid foundation in both writing in grammar, this is my kid who is very verbal and who wants to be a priest...I know it is likely he will change his mind, but my point is that no matter what he ends up doing, I can imagine verbal skills are going to be really important for him.

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We did. Dd13 finished R&S5 and began Analytican Grammar in 6th grade. We are doing it on the three year schedule so she'll complete the program in 8th grade. She loves it. It's made grammar a joy rather than a chore.


Much of the diagramming comes from literature and not just sentences created for the exercise. The sentences for some of the novels were enough to make her want to know the rest of the story. As a result, my dd has read some books she might not have chosen otherwise. That's a bonus I hadn't anticipated.


I think R&S gives a firm foundation but I think AG makes it easy to remember and use that foundation. I am pretty confident that I could give my dd any sentence and she could identify the function of each word and diagram it. And if she made a mistake, she could give you a really good reason for why she identified the word as she did.


With R&S I was certain they got the how but not the why. Now I know she has both.


I'll be doing the same with my ds10. R&S through #5 and then the switch.

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Yes, much shorter and more to the point. Generally, the first half of the year is spent doing lessons and the second half is a monthly review of skills. While completing the lesson part of the year, I'd estimate that my dd spent about 20 minutes 4-5 days a week. During the review, she spends maybe 30 minutes once a month on exercises.

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