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Plug for Italics: Beautiful Handwriting for Children

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My ds 10 had *terrible* handwriting. Last year, 4th grade, and his writing looked like a typical kg-er (not exaggerating). I had used Zaner-Bloser with him (as I do/did with his siblings), but he was just not progressing with the curriculum and this year I finally made the switch (after 4 years of struggle :001_unsure: ) to a new approach this year.


It's been revolutionary for him to be able to let go of the very constrained typical handwriting method -- i.e., that your letters must be written just so, etc. It has worked so much better for him to learn basic forms, but then be given options as to how to join them for cursive. Also, the method of having a book of quotes and sayings that he can flip through and choose for himself what he wishes to copy, instead of a pre-written and required blurb, kwim?


Today, for the first time ever, he was excited about his handwriting. And that is saying *a lot*... *a lot*.


I will freely admit that the problem here lay with me, and my inability to think outside the box a bit on this subject. And I should have known better, because it is typical for this child, who thinks outside the box (well my box, anyway) for most subjects.


...but this curriculum has been a great new find for us.

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I am using this book to teach my 5yo to write. I liked italic handwriting very much but I ended up going with another programme. It was a disaster. In the end we went back to italic. I live in the Gulf so getting materials here is a long winded affair. Being able to download PG's book was a plus for us. I immediately went for it.


Now we are making good progress. I can print the pages I need. Also very handy the guide sheet with the proper slant included in the book. DS loves the look of the letters and my own handwriting is improving as well.:D

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I got startwrite in my computer and the GD font is almost identical to Penny's so I can make more copywork if I need it. I think you can go to the startwrite website and make some free worksheets (I think you can print them but not save the file to your computer). Here a nice website with free worksheets: http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/printables/printablescopywork.html

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