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Books for sale - How do you come up with the price?

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How do you choose the price you are willing to sell your used books for? I want to be fair to the buyer and give them a reason to buy used- but if the book has been read once and is in like new condition - what is a fair price to offer?


I know that if money was not an option, I would love to be able to give my books away - but I need to sell books in order to buy others. I used to sell on ebay - but my starting price was always guess work.


How do you come up with the price you ask?



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ONe recent thread was about who buys used/ new?


Many were listing which curriculum/ books they would buy used = high demand. These items might easily go for 75% or Rainbow REsource price seller pay shipping.


Many other items, although new, might not be in high demand, and the shipping and multiple transactions for a buyer trying to collect multiple pieces are often not worth the headache. These items are hard to sell and have to be priced accordingly. 50% of Rainbow Resource resource buyer pay shipping.


If I needed a better return, I'd try ebay.

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