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Galore Park question?


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If you work on one exercise at a time (1.1 on Mon, 1.2 on Tue, etc.) it adds up :) I keep to shorter, focused lessons for increased attention.

:iagree: I added AAS because Ariel needs to work on spelling and WWE because it's very good at incrementally teaching composition. The composition assignments in GP are very different from WWE, so they complement each other well.

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I use it with DS7 alongside WWE2. I've also been using So You Really Want to Learn English with DS11.


Some of the exercises do seem a bit basic, others are much more open-ended and can be what you make of them (I always want to make much more of them than DS11 does :glare:). I've been very impressed with what my boys have achieved with them so far.


I think a lot of GP books appear too simple on first sight, but once you've worked through them for a while you begin to appreciate their genius (we also use Latin Prep and SYRWTL French).



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We used to do all the writing suggestions and most of the speaking exercise suggestions (rather than just choosing from the list), as well as reading many of the books listed at the end of each chapter. It added up.


FWIW, both my boys aced the private school entrance exams they took after years of Galore Park English.



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