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Vision Therapy Update

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Just wanted to update everyone on how my ds is doing in VT. He had his 8th week evaluation with his new dr. (Remember, he had 2 sessions with another dr before I switched to his current dr. We did 8 weeks of home therapy over the holidays in between the 2 doctors that the 2nd doctor gave us to complete).


He is scoring at an early 4th grade level in many of the areas!!!!!!!!!!! He went from a 4-5 YEAR old level to this!!!!!!!!!! I am just so pleased. He ran out of the room and told he wanted to do another whole hour yesterday. He knew he had made progress. The one "horizontal tracking" test where there are numbers down the right and left side of the page with random numbers in between with large spaces. He cried over that test for days afterwards because it was so stressful for him. He said he knew he missed a ton of the numbers in the middle but somehow he ended up at the end of the paper. Well, yesterday he did the same test with 100% accuracy! The dr said he only needs to speed it up a little and gain some confidence (he froze up when he saw what test it was).


Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know and to encourage anyone who is considering VT for their child. My ds went from barely reading early readers to reading a chapter book series for middle schoolers. We are still reviewing basic spelling/phonics to try to figure out the gaps (because I know he is glossing over some words while he is reading), but overall he is doing wonderfully. I know it is only a matter of time before he catches up fully.

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