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This Is Hard

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SpecialMama came by this am. It was the last chance to get together before we move.


We started out chatting on our city's hsing board.


Then we became friends.


Now, we're family.


She's the only family I have in the province, and we're moving 5 hrs away.


I know it's everything we've said we wanted, all of that. We've hoped and prayed for this for so long.


But now it's happening, and SpecialMama isn't going to be a 10-15 min car drive away. No more calls and dropping by...no more impromptu coffee outings...no more having family nearby to talk, laugh, cry, vent to. She's seen me through starting hsing, becoming disabled, marital struggles, Princess wasn't even a yr old when we met, then the pregnancy and birth of Boo...


As much as I knew this was going to happen, I pretty much ignored it, as weird as that sounds. Now it's happening *right now* and I'm a crying wreck.


Yes, we'll phone and Skype and everything, and I've no doubt that we'll still be family regardless of distance.




I'm going to miss the h!ll out of her. :crying:

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It IS hard but you can call her DAILY!!!


I have three long term friends who are out of state. One I've been close friends to for 37 years now. We are a six hour plane ride away from each other.


Another is a six hourndrive away. We have been like family for 30 years now. We used to call each other several times per day. It is less often now but when we connect it is as if no time or mileage has separated us. We have met half way between out houses for a day trip.


Another is a 3.5 hour plane ride away. We have been close friends for 26 years. We FB, email, phone, and fly to see each other.



These threenfriends are s dear to me. Two ARE family to me, all very special. We never let distance get in the way.


It sucks that you will have this distance between you both, but you both are blessed with a very special friend!!!:grouphug::grouphug::)

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