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Just dropping in to say hello and give an update on life.

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Hi, friends. I miss ya'll so much. I'm getting my ducks in a row for next year and can't imagine that I don't need to get much, muchless have the time to hang out with ya'll! I'm supposed to be glued to the Forum in March! My how time changes things!


My extras left me in December so I could go to school full-time and devote all my time to my own family. They are doing well and my kids appreciate the extra mom time.


I'm in school full-time and making great grades (even though I know most of the material from home schooling!) I'll have my AA by May and am currently making application for the School of Education. I keep busy at church,too, just not as busy as before.


ds16 got accepted into the Early College Program so free books, AA, and high school diploma. He's doing very well in his first 3 classes at the college. He's doing very well in cross country and track at the local high school and looking to be team captain in the fall. He just became a Life Scout and already has his Eagle project planned. He's easy.


ds15 tested well and will start dual enrollment this summer. I am looking forward to only having 2 classes to teach him next year. We're getting there. He's running track and growing there. He's been tough for me this year. I pulled him from Boy Scouts b/c of behavioral issues...like I said, he's been a tough one this year. That teenage rebellion can make a mom weary, but I know we'll get through it. I am glad he's at least doing well in school. I NEED him to be a well behaved boy.


dd13 is going to take a TOG class online so I can back off her a bit and dig into my studies. She's taking an online math class and jammin'! We'll be down to history discussions and generally oversight next year, as she enters 9th grade. She is wrapped up on sports at a local Christian School and doing very well. Got an award in soccer and is a co-captain for softball. She makes life easy.


dd12 and ds9 are doing well with me full time. Still loving the TOG + PR combo. AMAZING results and joy in the classroom (mostly ;) ). I am so blessed to have found our golden zone. Beakman Science was incredible btw. ds9 has watch every episode, taken notes, notebooked, and learned so much. We went on a science field trip and he knew everything in the show. HOW FUN it was and how easy it was for me! We'll move into Apologia Swimming Creatures (beefed up for dd12) and spend as much time as possible at the beach this summer, as we have "summer school" in a few areas. We can't keep a traditional schedule b/c our lifestyle is anything but traditional. Dd is also in sports at the middle school and enjoying the social time tremendously. Ax Man is keeping me less busy as he's in a fundamental league for year round sports that only meets twice per week.


Our days are long and full, but we are doing well. God is with us and we continue to love the ever-changing journey that is home schooling.


I'll check back to see how ya'll are doin'. I really do miss so many of you. We've been friends for a long, long time. xoxoxoxoxo and hope to hear from you. Feel free to EMAIL me anytime. I hardly every come this way to check pms.


Much love.


We've worked hard and allowed for plenty of time for play this year. The kids keep me running Mom's Taxi Service with sports year round.

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