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IEW Users- question for you about dress-ups

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I'll start off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of forcing the dress-ups in the IEW program but I do encourage dd to use them as much as I can (she doesn't love it either).


She likes the program and sees how the regimented use of dress-ups has helped her but she really resists the use of the RSS dress-up. Hates it, in fact and thinks that it makes her writing sound ridiculous.


I thought I'd ask about it here. What do you think of the RSS dress-up? Should I push dd to use it or simply take it out of the rubrics? I do use the rubrics so that she has something tangible to refer to wrt how I'm going to mark her papers.


Up until this point, I've let her skip the RSS dress-up due to her great disdain for it but I'm wondering if I'm doing the "wrong" thing by doing so. She just wrote a 5 paragraph paper that was supposed to include 5 RSS and she didn't write a single one. :rolleyes:




ETA: this is for 5th grade

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I'm no expert but here's my two cents. One, I might help her brainstorm some really interesting and fun RSS that she could insert into her paper. Try to make them really clever and get her more excited about it....make it like a game. If that doesn't work I wouldn't worry about it. She's young. One day she might come around and not mind so much. My opinion is that the dress ups are for teaching all kinds of variations in writing to help the student find their own voice. It might be that the RSS just doesn't suit her voice. Which is fine (in my opinion). :001_smile:

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My daughter already used a lot of dress-ups but I like that IEW has taught her to look for them in her writing. It has helped her balance their usage.


I think the RSS is pretty important. It really does what Pudewa says it does. It grabs the waning attention span of the reader. I'd work on it and take the time to explain its importance. Maybe even go on an RSS hunt in some quality literature around your house.

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