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Need advice from the ACT experts.

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Regentrude, creekland, choirfarm and all others whose children have performed exceedingly well on this test.


I thought the science videos said to read all the information before looking at the questions. I know time is of the essence on this test.

My ds has a friend who did very well and he said that on the science portion he looked at the question first and then went to the passage.


Your words of wisdom please.



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I prefer to scan questions first, but I'll ask middle son what he actually did later today. I may not be able to post again until tomorrow since we've got a full day scheduled both at school (state testing starts today) and outside (nice weather leads to spring outdoor cleaning).


Time is critical on the science portion, so if one looks at the questions first (as I would recommend without asking middle son), make sure they do it quickly.

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My top scorer read the passage or looked at the chart and then at the questions - in other words in order. He is an extraordinarily fast reader though and didn't have any trouble with time. I've spoken with other top scoring students who went straight to the questions. So, I don't think there is a single strategy that will work for all students. The real key is for the student to look at the pacing, pick a strategy, take a practice exam and assess how they do. More than a lot of the sections of the test, I'm convinced the science test is really individual and different strategies will work for different kids.

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Middle son said he read the passages first, then did the questions. One of his books suggested reading the questions first, but he said that just didn't work for him. It took too much time and took his focus off.


I should add that the science section is the only one where he didn't score in the top 99%. He got 98% on that (32) on a testing date where there were no 35 scores. Perfect got a 36, one wrong got a 34, two a 33, and three a 32 - so he missed 3 questions for that 98%. ;)

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