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iTunes Help...does this make sense?

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So, I just got around to updating my daughter's ipod to the iOS 5. I was trying to set up her iCloud account (we use my iTunes account for all devices, and separate iCloud accounts,) but it keeps telling me that her email address is already associated with an Apple ID. I do not recall ever setting her email address as an Apple ID, and can't think of a reason why I would have, since we use my ID for downloads, and the old iOS did not use iCloud.


I have tried all the "normal" passwords we would have used...and nothing comes up. I tried getting her password over her ipod, and it says the info (her name/birthday) is not correct, so I tried to have the password reset and send to her email (the one they are saying is an existing ID)...nothing has came through at all.


I am wondering if someone used her email address, but wouldn't the reset password come to her inbox?


I am confused! It is probably not a huge deal, we were able to set it up with Apple's @me.com domain, but everyone else is using their actual email address, and I doubt I will remember that her's is not, if we ever need to access iCloud :glare:


Edited to add: I have been checking her Spam box as well...still nothing.

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