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We just started MM 1A...


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We finished Saxon K and I just picked up Saxon 1 and I'm thinking he already knows this stuff...we also just started our MM 1A workbook after finishing R&S's ABC series...


My Q: If I want to use MM Light Blue Series as our workbook what hands on math curriculum do I want?


I want to have something to have that helps me as a teacher make sure I'm teaching correctly.

Because, remember I'm a kindergartener going onto 1st grade too ;)


(my student (son) is 5 and we have been taking kindergarten in a very laid back manner. He is very strong willed, but he is super smart. Math is his thing.)

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Does he need hands on?


I ask because my oldest, who was bored silly by Saxon K and 1 in school, did MM without manipulatives and fully understood. He just doesn't need them. He thinks abstractly. Not every kid needs manipulatives.


If he does need manipulatives, C-rods are my favorite. I use them with my middle son. It's easy to add manipulatives to MM. The pictures are usually pictures of base ten blocks or random objects, easy to replicate with whatever you have at home.


I did have to pull out base ten blocks (C-rods would have also worked) when we did the going over tens thing in MM2A (IIRC), but then it clicked and we didn't need them. Other than that, we never used manipulatives from 1A-4B. He knows his math and fully understands the concepts.

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Hmmm...good point! I really think now the hands on part was for me:tongue_smilie:.


He hates writing so I was alternating the hands on part on days where he has to write. But he really like math workbooks.


I have rods...and I also think an abacus would be helpful. I've used things like stacking blocks and m&m's too.

We just started 1A and are on page 23. Learn Symbols + and =. He can just look at it and know the answer with out counting each thing. I guess I wanted to make sure he understood it.


Thanks :)

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