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Need field trip idea for Charleston

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There are lots of great plantations and things, but I think the kids most enjoyed Charles Towne Landing. eta: I will say that it is a full day thing.


Stuff we did in Charleston:


Walking tour of pretty much the whole historic area. We downloaded a few different walking tours to our phones, and we did them all. :D


Fort Sumter


Magnolia Plantation


Drayton Hall (I think the adults in our group enjoyed this one the most)


Boone Hall (we only did the gardens for this one, we got there late in the day, after the other plantations)


We've done a pirate ghost tour in Wilmington, so we skipped that for Charleston. But, if you haven't done one of those before, they are lots of fun!

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You could do a walking tour of the historic district. Then you could stop at the things that really interest you - some of the homes on the tour are open for touring for a price, churches can be explored or passed by (the graveyards fascinate some people), and you can stop at the slave market, the museums, etc, as you please


Visit one of the nearby plantations (Middleton, Boone Hall)


The Aquarium is nice


Visiting the Citadel is cool, especially on the days (Friday I believe) when they do their thing in the square


Their are a number of museums including a museum of the civil war

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Two things I have actually done (as opposed to the Hunley suggestion, which I just want to do--it was closed when we were there a couple of years ago): a pirate walking tour, which was long and hot but interesting (our guide dresses as a pirate and carried a parrot with him); and a tour of the tea plantation right outside of Charleston. The tea tour was surprisingly interesting, but I don't know that it would be everyone's cup of, well, you know...


We also wanted to go to Boone Plantation but did not have time.


ETA: The City Market, on the site of a former slave market. Several Gullah ladies sell their baskets there, and the baskets are all amazing. I had wanted one for about 15 years, ever since I read an article about them in Southern Living, and I finally bought one. It is big and beautiful, and it was expensive, but I figured I was unlikely to regret a purchase I'd mulled over for 15 years. There are some tours that will take you to the Gullah island with a little planning, and I wish we had had time to do that as well.




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We went to the Middleton Plantation this past fall and it was great; I would skip the house tour (the original house was destroyed in the Civil War), but the grounds were really great. They had several artisans doing demonstrations, and my girls were especially interested in a Women doing Gullah rag quilts.

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