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calling all creative minds please!!!

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I am trying to come up with some new, creative ways to give away door prizes for a group of ladies. I want to stay away from the typical drawing names from a hat or putting a sticker under a plate or chair. Last year we put a golden ticket inside a candy bar, so I want something new there too. I need a total of 5. One idea I had was to hand out little premade bags of M&M's with only one bag containing a blue M&M (thus the winner). But that is where my ideas stop. So, I need 4 more please...any ideas for me??? thank you very much!!!!

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We have done things like: first one to come up with an item that starts with A, B, C, etc from their purse. They get creative, like a European driver's license! ;)


Or how about a door prize connected with an icebreaker bingo type game?


It's less random, but it can be more fun to create a little sense of competition.

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