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Make ahead meals

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First: My DH is the cook in the house. I can cook, I just don't enjoy it. While he has been unemployed, he has done 100% of the cooking. So, it's time for a switch....:auto:


My DH is starting work at an overnight position until his second job kicks in in about 2-3 weeks after that. So, with his hectic schedule I want to have as many "Grab and go" meals ready for him to take with him.


For breakfast:


I am thinking like yogurt, fresh fruit... make something I could make ahead and stick in the freezer and he could heat up and take with him? Maybe something like a smoothie to mix it up?


For his lunches:


I have no idea. I don't know yet what he will be able to bring to his second job (if he will have access to a refrigerator) but at least at his overnight job he will have access to a refrigerator for his "lunch" I am so not a cook. :tongue_smilie:


For snacks:


Individual servings of nuts (variety), keep a case of bottled water in his car, fresh fruit and vegetables with dip... but then I run out of ideas? I am thinking of buying the smaller containers of applesauce and then he can eat it over several days.


And lastly, my budget is pretty strict. I can't buy a lot of specialty items, but we do have a wide variety of items (like I said, my DH likes to cook.) I'm not worried about dinner because he will either eat with the family, or eat leftovers from dinner. I'm also planning on "doubling" some recipes and freezing that so he can pick out what he'd like as it works for him... But single serving ideas would be great.


I am so happy he found a job I think I am overcompensating by trying to shove food down his throat before he is even working.... :lol:

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Homemade hot pockets-cooked chicken, chopped broccoli, cheese, cream of chicken soup (or the real version), mixed up and put in bread dough (I buy the Rhodes rolls dough and use two rolls for 1 hot pocket. Cook at 350 for 20-25 minutes, then wrap in plastic wrap when cool and freeze


Breakfast burritos-I chop red peppers and bacon and mix with eggs and spinach. When they are scrambled and cooked, place in tortilla, sprinkle on some season salt. Roll up and freeze. Heat in microwave for 2-2 1/2 minutes before eating.


Mini pizzas. Make a 6ish inch pizza crust. Top with sauce, cheese, vegetables and cook in the oven. Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze.


Egg McBagel-Fry an egg + egg white. Put on toasted, buttered bagel (with optional cheese or bacon or sausage) and freeze. Heat in the microwave (not sure on the time as DH is the only one who ever ate them)


Soup in a thermos. You can make a batch of soup and then freeze it in individual servings in mason jars. Before work, heat the soup and then pour in a thermos.


Spaghetti and meatballs.

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Wow that is a great list to get me started.


I requested "How to Cook Everything the Basics" from the library and I think I will work through that to ahem, learn to cook. I can cook, I just am not really confident. Maybe this will help me get excited/enjoy cooking! :lol:

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We also like the homemade hot pockets here - we make different kinds depending on our moods. Ds and dh really like them with a little pizza sauce, mozz, and sliced pepperoni. My favorite is with taco meat, cheddar cheese, and a little salsa. Plus, you can make it all from scratch or if you are in a hurry or just don't feel like it, you can still whip some up using canned biscuits or crescent rolls for the dough.


For breakfasts you can make cinnamon rolls, wrap them individually, and freeze them. Also, you can buy cereal and package it in little sandwich bags yourself. Send a small thermos of milk and a banana to go with it and you have decent small meal.

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For breakfast my husband takes muffins, breakfast burritos, scones, or breakfast bars (all homemade and easily frozen), I just take a single serving out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge for him. We find they heat better (and outsides less likely to dry out) if they are defrosted before microwaving.


Lunch, my husband always takes leftovers. Before I dish up food for supper, I set aside a portion for his lunch the next day. However, this requires he has access to a microwave (refrigerator is less important because ice packs can be added to a lunch bag/box to keep it cold). If there is no microwave then you are stuck with things like sandwiches, wraps or salads unless you plan to invest in some good quality thermoses to keep food hot.


Snacks, I send pieces of fruit, trailmix blends (some dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips etc). peanut butter on celery, carrot sticks, pepper strips, cookies, cheese and crackers, pretzels, pita chips.


Applesauce is a good snack but if you are trying so watch the cost do not buy the individual cups they are significantly more expensive than buying the big jars. Invest in some small reusuable containers and portion it out yourself.

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My family likes sausage bread. If you don't make bread, just by the frozen dough loaves. Thaw them, roll them out, fill with a pound of cooked, crumbled sausage, roll up, and bake. You can do this with cheeses and lunch meats for an easy stromboli. For whatever reason, my family likes this better than a sandwich.

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