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Apologia Human Anatomy - 9th grade student

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I have a son who is entering 9th grade next year. His older brother will be entering 10th grade.

My plan is for the older son to study Apologia's Human Anatomy. Would it be too difficult to place my younger son in this course?

I looked on Apologia's site and it encourages that students need to have completed Biology I and Chemistry I.

Looking at the units in Biology I, I am seeing no human anatomy completed. I am not understanding these prerequisites.

If anyone has a student who has completed this course, please give me your opinions.

My thought was simply that my boys could work together and encourage one another in learning this material. They tend to work well together on subjects.

Thank You


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I don't know anything about Apologia, but I have had Biology, Chemistry, and A&P.


Biology covers cell topics (structures, function, mitosis, etc), genetics, and other topics that will come up in A&P.


Threre are also chemistry topics in A&P, such as cellular sodium pumps, cellular respiration, acids & bases, biochemistry, etc.


You can always try it and see if your son can handle the work.


Best Wishes.

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Have you checked out DIVE Biology?




This is a super course & you he supplies the syllabi to supplement his course with many popular Biology books. ( Apologia, BJU. Campbells)

He has the video labs on the CD Rom & it costs about $50.00!!!


You could supplement this course with both Apologia Bio & Ad Apologia Biology.

This may work to use with both boys!

When using both Apologia books...this is an Honors Biology course.

My kiddo did this is 9th!

Super course!

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I think combining the apologia biology with the anatomy is a possibility. I have thought about that route but DH is convinced just the bio and anatomy later. He rarely gives me any input so when he does I use it.


Anyway we are currently using the biology course. Things are definitely being set up for anatomy. I think you could combine--I have never seen the anatomy course. Just comparing it to my first year collage course.

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I'm wondering the same thing. My daughter is going into 9th grade next year and our local co-op is offering A&P for the high school science. Can I combine this with biology or would that be too much? I would like her to do bio next year so she can get through the normal science cycle...

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