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Free or SUPER cheap Spring Break ideas

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Today we went to home depot to buy light bulbs. I actually cried when it was time to go home, because I just did NOT want to go home.



Hubby is unemployed, so no vacations, trips, or even a staycation.


BUT-- we seriously have not had any kind of vacation or break since oldest was a newborn... well oldest is 12 now. If that gives you an idea.


I'm seriously going to go bat-cr*p crazy if I do not get out of this house. All I do is sit on the computer searching for jobs, teach kids, clean and cook. I desperately need a break. So does hubby, and kids are about to kill each other from being stir-crazy.


So, hubby and I are thinking of ideas for spring break. Something that isn't expensive, but will get us out of the house and distract us from the stress that is our lives right now.



  • We're going fishing one day (free)
  • Bike rides daily to local playground and duck pond (getting bored with this as we've done several times lately)
  • I'm looking for some bowling coupons, if we go on a weekday morning, it might be cheap. (so far cheapest is $10/hr per person, X5 people... crap.)


No camping because weather and hubby has 3 campouts coming up with the boys for scouts.


There are no local museums (within an hour drive), nothing "free" in our city, no free concerts in the park or anything like that. And no sports tickets that are affordable within driving distance. No desire to watch little league.


No cheap/dollar movie theaters within an hour drive either.


**On a sidenote, in my town, I just saw that they are now CHARGING $12 a kid for the city easter egg hunt. Seriously???? WTHeck???


Too cold for swimming in the outdoor pools, and the city indoor pools are $$$.


The main point is to get OUT OF MY HOUSE! Even if it's just one hour, it will be a huge blessing to me.


I'm trying to get creative, but seriously am drawing a blank.


Would love ideas/thoughts/suggestions from the creative gals here!

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How old are your kids? Is there a local park nearby? Can you take a picnic lunch (with stuff you'd normally buy?!)?


Library? My dd LOVES our library. There is a dollhouse and a reading nook that she loves. And, we come home with free books and movies. Free family movie night? Pop some popcorn and you have a cheap night.


Do you have local sports? Many of them will have scholarships for those in need. Our local Little League gives out many scholarships and that includes tickets for the concession stand at the end of the night! So, there'd be a night out with other families a couple times a week. (Again, that depends on the ages of your kids.)



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I thought of another one. :001_smile:

Do you have a Little India, Little Saigon, or something like that in your area? That can be fun for walking around, buying a neat little something, and a lunch.



I had no idea what that even was. Had to ask hubby! LOL


No, nothing like that around here... good idea though!


That sounds neat-- bet that would be fun to try!~

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If you have craft stores {like michaels} they often have free or very low cost activities during spring break for the kids.


Do you have a YMCA? They sometimes do a spring break camp here and do scholarships. It might be too late to apply for this year though, but they should have summer activities with scholarships as well.


Could you camp in the backyard? That wouldn't cost much, but it would be out of the house.

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Petco is a good 45 min field trip for younger ones; just make sure everyone knows you are not adopting before they go.


Spring sports games at the high school level; free. Kids play at playground if there is one.



Oh my gosh! We totally do this!


I started reading a list of fun free stuff to do with kids and saw this little gem:

97. Burning Ants with Magnifying Glasses

If you don’t mind teaching your child this trick it can lead to endless amounts of fun for your child and a cheap way to manage those pesky bugs!

Supplies: magnifying glass


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Maybe you could find a volunteer activity to do as a family. Check with local nursing homes -- many enjoy having young people come in to chat with residents, read to them, etc. Municipal parks often have minor projects that kids can help with -- my kids still think deadheading daffodils at a city park was a blast.

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Reread your post and see you have no museums. I would still google free things to do in your area and see if anything pops up.


Here, and in the last city we lived, almost all the local museums have a free day during the month. Many times it is free after 5pm or whatever, but we have been to several places that way.


Google your city/town and "free museums" or "free things to do" and see what comes up.



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Letterboxing is great.


Nature walk scavenger hunt/bingo (make your own cards or Google some)


Story time at library or local bookstore


Call up local fire or police station - many give regular tours. Also check with local businesses or farms to see if they might give a tour (A friend recently arranged a tour of a pizza restaurant for her preschool play group. Never would have occurred to me).


Check with local state or county parks to see if they have any ranger-led talks or hikes


Audubon preserves - we have many local ones that are small and unadvertised.

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Our free museum day is called third thursday. Free every third thursday. We always make a picnic to eat outside or in the van. I sometimes buy the kids something like a box of twinkies to eat when we are done:D. We do get food stamps so sometimes food is the funnest thing we have been able to do.


have you tried mixing things up at home? A new schedule. Unit studies instead of regular work.


Oven smores are fun and you could have those for a movie night.


i have so been there. My dh did finally get a job. But, now we live apart.

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