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HOD Beyond and Bigger question...

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I have a question.:001_smile:


If I was to use Bigger as my program but include the Read Alouds from Beyond, has anyone done that b4?

We are not American, but after seeing the programs I am really keen and excited about learning about American history.

- has anyone taken a list from the REad Aloud books/main history texts in Beyond and worked out where in Bigger they would fit into timeline wise?

I have no clue looking at the names as we know NOTHING about American famous people from history nor what time periods they would fit into, but perhaps someone how is familiar with the people and their time periods would be able to advise me what History Reads from Beyond would fit into where in Bigger?


I like the books recommended in Beyond and believe that we could benefit from using them as well in Bigger, seeing as we may be starting our HOD journey in Bigger.

Thanks heaps


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Do you want to use the classic, boy and/or girl set of storytime books? Or the actual history books?


The storytime books could be read at any time. They're great books. The history books are good too. We really enjoyed Stories of the Pilgrims. I would probably just read a section a day. I wouldn't try to line up people, places, etc. That would be too much planning/work.

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When you ask about Read Aloud books are you referring to the Storytime titles? Or, are you asking about the history spines (main books) used in the Reading About History box? Or, perhaps you are asking about both.... :001_smile:


In Bigger Hearts the Storytime box does not specify a book title but rather specifies a genre. For example, on Day 1 of Unit 1 the Storytime Box tells you to choose at least one biography to read aloud for the next 20 days of plans. You can choose any biography you want to so this is where you can read the books you prefer from Beyond's recommended Storytime titles. You set the pace so that you finish 1 or more (if desired) books from the Biography genre in that time frame. On Day 1 of Unit 5 you'll pick up Storytime with a new genre and again, you can choose the book/s yourself.


If you are interested in reading Beyond's History Spines (i.e. American Pioneers and Patriots, Stories of the Pilgrims, and Boys and Girls of Colonial Days) you should just read them at your leisure without trying to fit them in. Depending upon when you are going to begin studying with Bigger you could read through Beyond's history texts ahead of time (perhaps now through summer). That might be an ideal way to jump into Bigger since Beyond's books are more of an overview (with a special emphasis on pilgrims I think) while Bigger Hearts focuses on specific individuals. The farther we go with Bigger the more I am enjoying the studies with my sons.

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