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It's my turn again--would you eat/freeze this?

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I made chili on Monday night, and I measured out the remaining beans (I had cooked them from dried) and put them in the fridge to cool before I put them in the freezer. Tonight they're still in the fridge :( So they've been in there five days now. Would you freeze them now? Cook them and eat them? Toss them?


I'm kicking myself yet again *sigh* Wasted food totally ticks me off :glare:



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If they look and smell ok, I'd eat them today, but I would not freeze them.


On the up side, if you decide to toss them, though the labor invested would be lost, the beans themselves are pretty cheap, compared to some of the items in the "would you eat this" threads in the past. If you are at all sensitive to foods, then it's probably not worth the risk for the $ involved.

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more reasoning for my wishy washy answer.
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