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If your child has swallowed a penny.....

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Never. It got stuck in the esophogus, just past the neck. It was there for 10 days before we finally xrayed and realized it hadn't moved. It was then removed by an endoscope. He was 18 months old.


My DD had a chest xray this past Tuesday, and it wasn't there. So, either it's still in her lower half somewhere, or she never swallowed it in the first place. It's been 9 days.

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My 2yo told me that he swallowed a penny then he said he swallowed a quarter :confused: I never found either one of them he didn't seem distressed and I don't believe he swallowed them in the first place. I keep waiting for him to tell me he ate a silver dollar :)


Although this is the kid that I have had to call poison control for twice! He is a climbing monkey genius who has super kid abilities to open any "childproof" lid, lock or latch out there!

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Can't believe I'm sharing this... I swallowed a penny when I was about a year. My mother saved all my poopy diapers all day for my dad to go through when he got home from work.


I held onto that penny for just over a week. Then it passed. my dad was the happiest man on earth.




Hahaha! I can sympathize with your mother! I tried to go through the first poopy diaper and couldn't stomach it. "Uh, Honey! Do you mind doing this?" This entire week I've managed to investigate one diaper, and he's done the rest. Yes, I'm a wimp.

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We thought my dd swallowed a quarter when she was 2. The pediatrician ordered an X-ray, but said she would not do a film for a penny or dime unless there was some evidence of a problem, because most likely that size coin would simply pass.


The quarter never appeared on X-ray or in diapers. Was it in a diaper the baby-sitter changed, or did she not swallow it after all? I'll never know.


I know it's hard waiting/searching, but it's a good thing it was a smaller size coin that has a good chance of just going on its way....



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My niece once swallowed a nickel, and it showed up on an x-ray. The doctor told my SIL to check every poopy diaper until it passed, and it if went a week without passing, he would have to schedule surgery (endoscopy, I guess). I think it passed on about the 6th day.

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