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What to do with all the school papers/work/art/etc?

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What do you all do with old school work? Initially I thought I would keep one binder per child per school year, but with 4 kids, I'm realizing that will end up being a LOT of binders. Two of my kids aren't even school age yet and I'm already feeling like I've got a lot of "stuff." And then what? I give them the binders for a wedding present? :)


I saw one idea ~ to keep a file box (one of the plastic kinds you can carry around, with a removable lid/handle on top) with papers - one box per child for their whole schooling. That seems like it may not be enough space though??


Any advice from moms with older kiddos? Am I going to regret throwing away too many sweet copy work papers and art papers and etc etc?


Thanks in advance!

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I've only got the two, but I'm not one for keeping a bunch of stuff. I've scanned some of the really cute stuff and that can be kept digitally forever. I keep a large rubbermaid bin in my upstairs closet. I put everything in there that I think I might want to save. Once a year, I go through the rubbermaid bin and purge so that I have it down to one large envelope of stuff per kid.

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