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electronic thesaurus?


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In IEW's TWSS, Andrew Pudewa recommends that an electronic thesaurus can be helpful for children. Has anyone tried this? Has it worked well? Is there any particular one that you would recommend?


Some now seem to combine dictionary and thesaurus features, and some seem to have "speaking" capabilities, or even foreign word translation features. Or games, or spelling practice features. Opinions????

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I bought my dd one from Staples- the one that was on a good sale the day I walked into the store. :lol:


It's a pretty good one and dd actually uses it extensively. I don't think she does a piece of writing without consulting it once or twice and I've noticed a lot of different words cropping up in her writing since we got it for her.


Our is a Sharp, I believe, but I don't know which model. Plus we got it a couple years ago so I'm sure there are better ones out there. I believe we spent about $80 on it and I definitely have no regrets. It's been a great little tool.

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We have one. Thesaurus and dictionary. The kids love it and use it much more willingly than the paper dictionary.


Ours is similar to this one:



It has been durable and stood up to some abuse. I don't know if I've ever even changed the batteries.


If I had to do it over again, I would definitely buy one. And, I never would've considered it if Pudewa hadn't recommended it.

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