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Curriculum input pls...from Private school to HS

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I am a bit overwhelmed with Math and LA curriculum decisions I need to make for my soon to be HSed 4th grader. She needs more challenging work since she does not put effort into her work and does very well. WWYD if your child had used Abeka since 1st grade in all subjects except grammar and writing which was Shurley but do not want to continue with Abeka or Shurley?


For Math, I am leaning towards TT. I'd love to teach her the Singapore method since my DS6 can solve two digit problems faster than she can, but not sure about back tracking in math. Thoughts?


Grammar- FLL4 is my first choice but not sure if I should just stick with Shurley or do R&S. Thoughts?


Spelling-she is a good speller. Would AAS5 be good or something else?


Writing- so many choices here I am lost. DD just started learning to write paragraphs. I'm leaning towards IEW.


Thank you for taking time to read this. I appreciate any input.



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You can't jump into AAS at level 5. You might be able to start at level 2.


For grammar, FLL4 is fine. No need to use Shurley if you don't like it. R&S 4 is also fine. If grammar comes easy to her, you might want to check out MCT or KISS.


Math... Make sure you use a placement test for any program you choose. If math is a subject she needs challenge in, you could use Singapore's IP and CWP with any program.

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