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If I don’t like HOD Beyond’s Science will I like Bigger?


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We are doing HOD’s Beyond this year and would like to do Bigger next year. I like almost everything about the program except the science. My daughters frequently look at me and ask “Is that it?†I feel the same way. We do not like God’s Wonderful Works.

If I don’t like the science in Beyond will I like Bigger any better? Is the science section meatier in the Bigger guide? Are the science books any better?

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Just like the others said, the science is a lot better in bigger! I debated staying with HOD because the science was so lacking, but I'm glad we did- it has been our favorite year (especially the science notebooking and my kids are really enjoying the Pioneer Sampler)! I had really been disappointed in the science in previous years.

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I did not enjoy HOD's Science in Little Hearts or Beyond either.


With Bigger, the Science has a very different feel to it. No more textbooks, but rather living books.


People seem to either love or hate the One Small Square series. We enjoy reading one, but then want to move on to something else.


My son loved John Audubon. Loved it and requested to learn more about him.


Science in Colonial Times was not a hit. Too dry.


The Pioneer Sampler has been fun. The author has also written a few other titles similar to this if you're interested.


My son is really looking forward to Thomas Edison. He seems to really enjoy Biographies.


Are there any of these books available at your library? For me, the only way to know whether something is going to work for us is to actually hold it in my hands and preview.


We have not done all the notebooking assignments or experiments, but we do the ones that catch our interest.

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