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Bob Jones World History?

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We have used 2nd edition, which has the same text less a few revisions.


We weren't a fan of it. But I am reluctant to get into that discussion. Here goes.... BJU is very biased. Yes, I know all history texts are, but BJU and A Beka are different. I am not good at explaining, and at our first usage, didn't notice it. But when dc #2 came around, it became obvious. They go beyond bias and make the bias fact (I think that is how another forum member explained it). I guess if you can recognize the bias and work around it, then it could be an option.


We are Christian, but want straight factual history. Some authors come closer than others at achieving that. I did get Human Odyssey (Spiegvogel), and we worked on it for a few chapters. What I liked is the chapters we did were about women's issues (something that would never get into a BJU text objectively) and some of the darker facts about the industrial revolution in Europe. Dd and I had the best discussions of our entire year. Thinking actually happened, issues were talked about, the text is very good. Unfortunately by that point, we had been in several texts for our one year tour of world history and were very burnt out. And there is just no way to cover HO in one year being 1100 pages. If I had a third dc, I would be tempted to ditch world geography (cover it in elementary or middle school) and do HO over two years.

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