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Lukeion Registration ?

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When you register your Dc for classes with Lukeion, do you sign up for both semesters, or just the first semester now, then the 2nd later? I'd love to spread out the cost, but I don't want Ds to be left with no 2nd semester. Do the 2nd semester courses usually fill before the first semester ends?

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For Latin 1 I just signed up for one semester at a time. It seemed the smart thing to do since it was new to us, and I wanted to see how the girls would do with their first online class. For Latin 2 and 3 I went ahead and paid for the whole year up front. At this point since I know we love the classes and don't want to risk missing out, it's just better for my peace of mind to do it that way. I think you're probably safe signing up for one semester at a time, though, and keeping an eye on course availability. Usually Mrs. Barr mentions signing up for the second semester during class in November, so that serves as a good reminder.

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