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Decision to drop R&S engish for BJU OR NOT???

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I wanted so badly to make R&S work, but every time we try it just doesnt seem to be sticking. My son seems to do better with BJU. I don't know why exactly, it's not that he doesn't understand R&S, he gets all the right answers but for some reason it just doesn't work as well for him. So I made the choice (three days ago) to go back to BJU and stick with it. Well, now I have these R&S books on the shelf haunting me. I know they are more rigorous, and recommended by the WTM and just want them to work. Am I giving up to easily, should I give it another shot or just admit that for this child a workbook approach is a better fit? Weird considering PLL worked wonders for him last year. I saw major improvement in huis writing and spelling after usng this.


All this and then to top it off there is the fact that R&S is much more economical than BJU. Another thing is I don't want to be yo-yoing back and forth right before testing. Which is in two months. What if I finish the year out with BJU and then give R&S another go in 4th grade? Would that work or would he have to go back to R&S 3?

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Those types of decisions can be so hard. And when one is more expensive than the other it adds another dimension.


Is R&S more rigorous than BJU in the long run? Or in the end will your student have the same knowledge? That is one thing I would look at. Also, if BJU is working for your student that is what is probably best to go with. I love the R&S set up but my dd does well with CLE. So we are using CLE as I need to with what she will learn best with.

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We started with R&S 5 without any prior formal grammar studies and have done just fine. I suggest you jump into R&S 5 when your DS is ready. That is the level that really gets into the diagramming instruction beyond just subject and predicate. And if a workbook works better for your DS and you would like it to include diagramming instruction, there are always Abeka and CLE.

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