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What's that store in the UK that's kind of like Ikea, but not?

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I did a currency conversion, and if I allow 15 pounds (don't know how to do the symbol here) extra for shipping to the US (and I have no idea what shipping would cost anyway), this set would cost me $63! I'd like to get it for my SIL, who is English and now lives in the US. She has one set of these already, but needs more. We were just over at their house tonight for dinner, and with 6 adults and 1 kid using her cutlery (and 2 using kids' plasticware), we used it all up (and needed more for dessert).

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You can work out postage here. Have you searched Amazon.co.uk - they might ship to you. I don't know how they deal with knives....




That's it, but they won't ship it here. I'll see if SIL is going to visit her parents this year (they still live in the UK), and if so, I'll give her the money and have her get it for herself (early birthday present :) ).

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