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Is there a schedule correlating K12 Human Odyssey & SOTW 1?

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I'm looking through my K12 Human Odyssey book 1 wondering if someone has already lined it up with SOTW 1. I've only skimmed through HO so far, but it's chronology seems to be quite different from SOTW. I was hoping to match parts & pieces of HO to SOTW chapters, but after looking at it I think that might break the logical flow of the book too much, yes?


I use SOTW as scheduled in BP, and wanted to add readings from K12 HO for my logic stage child. Is this possible without completely mutilating it beyond usefulness?

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I found this wonderful link from someone on the WTM forums. The archeology magazine articles are really great and free! Thank you, whoever you are, for doing this!




We are going to do SOTW for my younger and HO for my older and watch some of the same documentaries and read some of the same supplemental readings. We start Monday :)

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