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Alternative options for cable/satelite?

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We have Dish because we live too far out in the country for cable. Dish network is so expensive and we just have the basic package. There are a lot of channels we would get with cable's basic package but for dish we would have to pay more money. Is there an alternative? There are only a few select channels that we like to watch, TLC, OWN, NBC, CBS, ABC, History Channel, Food Network, etc. We like to watch things like American Idol, The Voice, Survivor, :D things that you can't get on Netflicks, are there any other options out there?

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Well, what we did was buy a computer that is dedicated to the TV (connected to the Internet, of course), and a good antenna. We get all of the local affiliates (ABC, NBC, CBS), and a couple of PBS stations with the antenna; we can watch some of our favorite shows on-line on the other networks (TLC, Fox, etc.).


I used to watch TLC, HGTV, et al, when we had Dish, but I've discovered that I don't miss the commercials more than I miss the shows, IYKWIM. We have all of our favorite shows saved on Netflix (NCIS, CSI, The Closer, Psych, Fringe, Leverage, the Mentalist, and more); when they are released on DVD after the season is over, Mr. Ellie and I will enjoy watching them over the next few months with zero commercials (and yes, we had a DVR and recorded all of our favorites, so we could zoom through commercials, but we LOVE not having to even zoom through commercials).


Mr. Ellie has also found some shows on the Internet that we weren't able to get on Netflix, and saved them on our TV computer (All Creatures Great and Small, Primeval, a couple of others), and we're enjoying watching them, too, with no commercials.

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Are you able to get digital over the air stations? That would give you ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.


We had Directv, and though we weren't unhappy with it, we didn't like the price. Like you, there were really only a few stations we watched. We bought a couple of Roku boxes and used the digital converters that the government gave coupons for back when everything went digitial (if you have only newer tv's you don't need the converter). We have Netfilx, were already Amazon Prime members for the shipping (so the free video was a bonus), and for a while we had Hulu Plus. I just canceled Hulu Plus because we never really used it. Occasionally we buy a season of a show from Amazon (Dr. Who for example), and it's still cheaper than the monthly cost of satellite service.


We also have a laptop that can connect to our flat screen tv for the shows that are only available online. All of our computers are laptops, so the three of us huddled around the laptop to watch a show just didn't cut it. :001_smile:

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