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If you see bullying tendencies....

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I have two boys. Right now they're both 8 years old. They are 9 months apart. The older is several inches taller, 15 lbs. heavier and much stronger and more aggressive than the younger. He's also very insecure, lazy, and thinks the world should revolve around him. I've noticed quite a bit of bullying going on lately and I need it to stop, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I've talked to him, called him on it, given him time outs, discussed ways of handling anger, etc. I don't think he has the nerve to act this way toward other children, at least I haven't seen it, but he's definitely bullying, threatening, and being physical with his brother. Any thoughts? BTDT?

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:grouphug:No real advice, but I just want to say kudos to you for seeing/dealing with this now!


I used to teach a 6th grader who was a horrible bully. His parents were quick to blame the other students who had supposedly been picking on him since 3rd grade. However, I quickly discovered that he was continually bullied by his faster, older, "cooler", more athletic 10th grade brother. When I mentioned the connection to the parents, they brushed it off as, "They're just brothers playing around." When another 11-year-old kid did something minor to their younger son, it was cruel bullying, but when their 16-year-old did something more severe it was "all in fun." It was hard to convince this 11-year-old that it wasn't ok to choke, kick, restrain, etc. other smaller boys because he'd been on the receiving end his whole life.

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