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Could this count as an elective?

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I'm trying to help my sister come up with electives for her dd who she is going to pull out of ps 9th grade. Her dd was about to start a new class called "Social Issues". She said the class sounded fun and it'd be cool if she could do it at home. I read the course description and the class is all based on research. The teacher picks a topic and researchs it and makes lesson plans. I was thinking of ways she could do this at home and came up with this..


Her dd picks topics and researchs them herself and then does a project on each one. She could probably do about 6-8 different topics. I think that could take 60+ hours.


Can she count that as .5 credit for an elective?


Also if she works through CLP book The Exciting World of Creative Writing can that be a half credit in Creative Writing?

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