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Logic Stage?


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When do children typically get to the logic stage? Is there anything I can do to move along this process?


My 8 year old son is really quite advanced for the grammar stage. He scores off the charts on standardized tests on anything that is grammar stage related (math formulas he's memorized, spelling words he's memorized, grammar rules he's memorized, etc). However, when it comes to general academic knowledge he scores average. I think it's because he hasn't arrived at the higher level thinking required to apply his knowledge in a general setting. Since this is his weakest area, I'd like to help him grow in this area...but if it's a developmental thing that I just have to wait until he's ready, I'll do that too.


Thanks for any help you can send my way!

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Keep in mind that I'm middle-aged, with teens in the house (i.e. my opinions have curmudgeon tendancies).


Don't push your child. Challenge, yes. But accept where he is and give him lots of love and support.


Mine are both in the gifted range on paper, but have always been all over the map in terms of strengths and weaknesses. In other words, giftedness is rarely even. It is more likely that a kid will be amazingly strong in one area, and not in others. That doesn't mean that you don't deal with the weak areas, but you don't expect something that isn't in them either.


I was actually sad when I no longer had a grammar-stage student. Going through the stage where they question your choices and are embarrassed by being out with you is tough too, so enjoy where you are. It will come soon enough.

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It is indeed a developmental process. And even kids who are in the logic stage don't get there all at once.


That said, it isn't uncommon for very bright kids to get to the logic stage with a particular subject earlier than others. Some kids are truly ready for algebra at age 10, but are reading and writing at grade level. Some kids are writing plays and novels at that age, but are just fine with 5th grade math. One of the nice things about homeschooling is that you can make it fit your kid.


And FYI, the logic stage in history and language arts involves a lot of reading and writing. It's not more 'fun'..just more analysis and writing.


And yes, I will miss the grammar stage when it is all done here.

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