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Anything like Classical House of Learning lessons for Logic stage Early Modern/ Moder

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I have always tied in Canadian history with our world history studies, ever since the end of sotw 3. This year we finished up to WWl, and next year we are doing 20s, 30s and 40s which includes WWll and a study of the United Nations. I have almost finished working on this. It includes ideas from History Odyssey level 2 Modern (though not the same spines), World History for Us All website and sotw 4 and uses several books as references; DK The Definitive Visual Guide, A Short History of the 20th Century by Geoffrey Blainey, World War ll interactive app, plus books in the 2 series; Canada Through the Decades (one each for 20s, 30s, 40s) and Take Ten Years (again one book for each decade), and of course The Story of Canada and The Spirit of Canada which we have been using all along. However, It took us 2 yrs to do pre-modern and this is our 3 rd year (out of 4) for modern. If anyone is interested, I can share my plans for any of the years. They are based on 1 hr/day, 5 days per week and include novels, films (including Canada: A People's History), webquests, etc...I try to plan so we get a look at different points of view and to vary how we are learning, to keep it interesting.



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Yea Laura! My dd tried HO last year and it just wasn't her style. We found your site and are going to start on your middle ages program this year. All the literature is exactly what I was looking for. We should be ready for your early modern next year. Excited to see you will have it on your site.


Thanks for sharing and for all your hard work!

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