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Summer piano programs: Interlochen v. Indiana University

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Ds was accepted into Interlochen's high school summer piano program (six weeks) a couple of days ago. We have only two weeks to make a decision. He also applied to the University of Indiana's summer piano academy (3 weeks) and an EPGY summer program (also 3 weeks, not music). We will definitely not have a decision from Stanford until early April. I have asked for an early review from Indiana as they indicated on their website that they would do this if one needed an answer because another program decision was pending. Have not yet heard back - wondering if they are on spring break?? So, ds is trying to decide between Interlochen only or these other two programs. Of course, we don't know for sure if he will be accepted into these other two programs or not.


Ds has studied piano for over ten years and may or may not want to major in piano performance in college. Part of the reason we wanted him to do a summer piano program was to get a sense of how he liked being totally immersed in music. He has done Duke TIP three-week programs for the last two summers. He would have liked to have returned to that program but payment was due March 1, so that wasn't workable at all.


Does any one have any thoughts on these two options??? Interlochen v. Indiana + Stanford?? Of course, we are having to assume he will be accepted to those other programs which makes it all the more challenging.


FaithManor has graciously pm'd me with some of her thoughts, but I would love to hear from others re: Interlochen. Particularly anyone who specifically has experience with the piano program. Interlochen will be all arts whereas Indiana will only be piano.


Any insights will be greatly appreciated.


ETA: sorry - forgot to put in the subject line that I cross-posted this on the general board.

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